What Is the MindTrails Project?

The MindTrails Project is a web-based, public research site that offers free interpretation bias training programs to promote healthier thinking patterns for people with anxiety and other emotional difficulties. Research shows that people prone to anxiety tend to think about situations negatively. MindTrails programs give you practice thinking about situations in new ways. This encourages more flexible thinking styles in your everyday life. Learn more about the science.

Developed by an interdisciplinary team of clinical psychologists, computer scientists, and engineers at the University of Virginia, MindTrails aims to efficiently test which training programs work best for different people and problem areas. We strive to continually improve these programs for the next generation. Our team is excited to learn whether these programs can help address the desperate need for greater delivery of care that has good research support.

Calm Thinking Study

We are currently offering free training programs as part of a study on promoting healthier thinking patterns for people with anxiety. The programs consist of five 15-20 minute sessions spread out over five weeks. Click here to see whether you’re eligible to participate.