In this study, we are going to focus on the way you think, and how that may affect your anxiety. Specifically, we will focus on the way you interpret everyday events.

It’s not always clear why anxiety persists over time, but one reason appears to be the way people think about the things they are anxious about.

For example:
  • People may think they are more likely to be negatively judged by others than they actually are.
  • People may think that they will not be able to cope with being in scary situations.

Past studies have shown that changing the way we think can affect our anxiety. In fact, studies have shown that practice thinking about things in new ways may reduce anxiety symptoms. In this study, you will complete a computer program that will describe different situations and encourage you to think about them in particular ways.

We have people trying different versions of the computer program for this study to see which version works best – we think some of these computer programs will reduce anxiety by changing the way people interpret situations.