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Participation in Online Anxiety Intervention Study

These Terms and Conditions supplement the Consent Agreement that you will sign as a research study participant, during the term of your active participation in the study. If any provision in the Consent Agreement conflicts with these Terms and Conditions, the provision in the Consent Agreement applies to your participation in the study, not the conflicting provision in these Terms and Conditions. If you are a former participant in the research study and are accessing this site to do the exercises on your own, please see “Information for Former Study Participants” below.

Diagnostic and Treatment Information

Please see the Consent Agreement if you are a current research study participant.

Gift Cards

The awarding of gift cards for completion of the research study assessments will be available while supplies lasts.

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Age of Consent

In the United States, the minimum age for consent to participate in research studies in most states and territories is 18, with the exception of Nebraska (19) and Puerto Rico (21). To be eligible to participate in MindTrails studies, individuals must have attained the legal age for consent to participate in research studies under the applicable law of their local jurisdiction.

Information for Former Study Participants

If you are a former research study participant and wish to access mental health resources, please click on the "Mental Health Resources" tab at the top of this webpage. If you need to contact the MindTrails team, please email studyteam@mindtrails.org.

Diagnosis and Treatment

This site does not provide personalized diagnostic, medical or treatment advice. You should consult with a qualified mental health or health care provider for diagnosis and treatment information. We do not offer crisis management or real-time monitoring of email. If you are experiencing a medical or mental health emergency, you should not rely on any information on this website, and should seek appropriate emergency medical assistance, such as by calling 911.


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